Disney World Orlando

October 2016 we went to Florida for my 21st Birthday and of course it was magical. I think you can go to Disney world whatever age you are and still feel that excited feeling in your tummy, I love when you walk in you’re faced with the castle and that in itself is just breathtaking.


We stayed at Saratoga Springs on Disney itself and we had a treehouse which was a completely different experience but nether the less an extremely pleasant one. There was six of us all together we went to all the parks and I have to say Magic Kindgom always come first, it just has such a lovely atmosphere and its were you see most of the characters, even though there are not many thrill rides here I still enjoy going on the little rides.

We all went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure which are more aimed at our age range. I really love all the rides as they have more thrill rides such as the Hulk rollercoaster which is one of my favourites and of course its home to Harry Potter World!! I have been to Hogsmeade before but this time we got to go to Diagon Alley and oh wow it was just so exciting it felt so real! It was lovely to walk around all the shops such as Olivanders, the Joke shop and go into Gringotts bank.

I would go back to Orlando in a heartbeat I just absolutely love it there and really don’t have a bad word to say about it! We all had so much fun and it made my 21st birthday one to remember!

If your going to Disney let me know!

Love Em x


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