The best day in London!

So back in September it was my 21st birthday, Me and Ciaran went to London for the day and we had so much fun. We got the train early morning it only took us 1hr20 so we literally had the whole day there.

Firstly we went to Oxford Street had a look around the Primark there was HUGE! every girls dream but I didnt want to shop I wanted to sightsee all day so we went to find harrods. I had never been to harrods before and I just wanted to say I’ve been, it was nice to have a walk round and not everything in there is expensive, it is a really big store and can be a bit confusing while walking around.

We then on the tube to find the the London Eye, we had always wanted to go on it so when we got the chance we were so excited! It was one of the best experiences of my life the views were absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to be doing all of this alongside my best friend. It took us about 40 mins to go round and we did it just in time as when we got off it poured it down with rain and went dark and cloudy.

We decided to walk to Buckingham Palace and on the way we walked past Big Ben and were lucky enough to hear it chime. When we got to the Palace there wasnt many people around which was nice as we could go right up to the gates.  One of my favourite places in London is Covent Garden, the shops are lovely and there are so many lovely places to eat, we went to a gorgeous steak house the food was amazing.

I really love London and we had such an amazing day together, our feet were killing by the time we got back on the train to go home, but it was one of the best days ever.



Have you been to London? Wheres your favourite place?

Speak soon

Em xx



The name of this mascara is either why you want to try it, or like me you’ve watched so many youtube videos and it keeps popping up so I had to give it a go too. The packaging is a pearly pink with embossed writing. This Mascara is £19.

The applicator on this mascara is very full, it doesn’t have the individual bristles to catch each eyelash. The brush also holds a lot of product which I think can make your lashes look clumpy if your not careful when applying, I think this is because when you take the img_7227applicator out there isn’t a pop noise like some mascaras I have used which usually squeezes off some product. Too Faced say  that after three coats ‘you will believe in magic’. Three coats before my lashes look the best they can when using this mascara? I have used mascaras which have impressed me on the first application, I do agree you need more coats on your lashes to make them look like they stand out.

I do like the look I get when using this mascara I think your eyelashes look fuller and slightly longer however I dont think it makes your eyes stand out as much as my previous favourite Benefit Roller Lash.

Whats your best recommendations for me?

Speak soon

Em xx


Charles Worthington Shampoo&Conditioner

I went into Boots the other day and I was looking for a new silver shampoo and conditioner. I have been using one which I liked but fancied a changed, I saw that the Charles Worthington was on offer 2 for £10 so I picked them up.

The shampoo is brilliant is is a deep purple colour and a little bit goes a long way. I left the shampoo on for a little bit not too long as didn’t want my hair to go purple and washed it off. It has a lovely scent and I really do think you can tell your hair has had the silver shampoo on it. The conditioner is not as purple more lilac in colour and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and I also think it helped to brighten the blonde.

IMG_7232.png  Whats your recommendations for the best silver shampoo and                                                        conditioner?

Speak soon

Em xx

Tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette

How lovely is this eye shadow palette?  Firstly I really love the packaging I think the hot pink stands out and the gold writing really compliments the colours together. The palette is very sturdy and has a really good sized mirror inside which is great for when you’re travelling.

The eye shadow colours are natural from a white to highlight your brow bone to a dark brown to create the perfect smokey eye. The shadows are mainly matte however there are a few shimmery shades nothing to glittery which I think is nice for someone who wants to more of a subtle look. Something I like about this palette is that you can use all of the colours where as some brands you wouldn’t use all them. I really enjoy creating different looks with all the different colours and look forward to sharing some with you one day.


Whats your favourite eye shadow palettes? Let me know!

Speak soon

Em xx

Make Up Forever HD Foundation


Isn’t everyone talking about this foundation? I had to jump on the bandwagon and buy myself a bottle. I went into Sephora and asked the lady to match this to my skin tone, and I was really excited to try it out. I really like the bottle I think its simple and it has a pump which of course is always a bonus!

img_7213Make Up Forever claim that this foundation is –

  • Second skin feel
  • Medium covergage
  • Natural look
  • Flawless
  • Moisturising
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Conceals imperfections

I do agree with these pin points you cant feel the foundation on your skin, its not heavy or thick. I would say that it is a natural look as you cant tell you have foundation on especially with one layer. I think the look is flawless it does cover your imperfections personally I build mine to a more full coverage as with one layer I dont think it covers all my redness and scarring however with just one layer it is a lovely natural coverage. It has a slightly dewy finish but it isnt too much I always add a little bit of powder to my T zone just to stop any annoying oil peaking through. I use a beauty blender and find it does blend very well and it does help to conceal your imperfections better when using a beauty blender rather than a brush.

I personally like a full coverage foundation as I have a lot of redness and scarring from acne over the years, so the more coverage the better for me haha! This foundation is very easy to build and doesn’t give you the cakey look and it stays all on all day. I find it very light on the skin even when I build it to a heavier coverage and I find it extremely comfortable to wear. I like the overall look and I would recommend this to any skin type, however would recommend the use of a oil control setting spray for those with oily skin.

I also find my concealer, contour and hightlight all blends very well on top of this foundation and it gives you a flawless finish, I would definitely buy this product again, and would put it in my top 5 favourite foundations.

Whats your holy grail foundation?

Speak soon

Em xx




Too Faced Hangover Primer

Hi everyone!

When I was in New York I went to Sephora and picked up some make up and beauty products. I wanted to try out a new primer, I had heard a lot about the  Too Faced Hangover Primer so I picked one up and I am so glad I did, it is amazing! I love the packaging as I think its girly and cute, I LOVE the fact it has a pump it makes it so much easier it use and that the tube is soft so you dont have to worry about squeezing it into your make up bag. The primer is £27 which I think is reasonable as you only have to use a small amount at a time.

So what does Too Faced claim this primer will do to your skin?

  • hydrateimg_7214-copy-2
  • smooth
  • brighten

I agree to each of these following points, It has coconut water in the product which is what makes your skin feel hydrated. Before you apply your foundation your skin looks brighter and refreshed.

I also like how it is extremely light weight and doesnt feel tacky on your skin as comes out more as a moisturiser than a paste which is easier to rub into your skin.

When I wear this primer my make up stays on my skin all day and I have never had that with any other product. I never miss this step anymore, and I will definitely be adding this to my holy grain make up collection.

Whats your favourite primer?

Speak soon

Em xx



Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to write another travel blog, as I am really missing the sunshine and feeling tanned, I love the winter when its crisp fresh days, and Christmas time, but other than that there isn’t much to love about winter is there?

Last January we went to Mexico for two weeks, we flew on the Thomson Dreamliner and we had upgraded to premium economy and were so excited to see what it was all about! Because we had booked premium seats we got the lounge at Birmingham airport included and this really was a treat, you get all food and drinks included, it was a really nice way to start your holiday.

The one thing we liked about flying premium was that you didn’t have to wait around to ge on the plane as we were the first people to board. The second thing was when we arrived in Mexico the airport is so busy but we had our own lane which made it so much easier. This was also a bonus for on the way home as the had two flights home in one que line which would of taken forever.

The flight was nice we had booked the very front seats so we had extra leg room, as Ciaran is tall he found this very comfortable. The food was ok however they didn’t bring round drinks often and we  only had one meal in a 10 hour 45 min flight, so by the time we arrived we were starving! The cabin crew really weren’t great on this flight and I did complain when I got home, because on the way home the cabin crew were constantly round with drinks and that was a night flight.

Once we landed we were going to Riviera Maya, our hotel was El Dorado Seaside Suites the transfer was about 2 hours long as we had to drop other people off but it wasn’t too bad, once we arrived at our hotel we were greeted with fresh drinks and a hot towel which was a really nice touch.

The hotel itself was nice it was very clean the rooms were huge it had a jacuzzi next to the bed and we had a personal concierge to help us with any questions we had, the room service was also free which was a bonus! The hotel had a manmade beach which had a lot of seaweed but the staff were constantly trying to clean it. The sea was also full of rocks and I dont mean little stones you would walk about and bang you leg on them or swim and bash your knee, painful! The pools were nice, the one we used most of the time had double beds around it and there were only 8 so the pool was never busy, the bar staff were great constantly giving you drinks and they had swings to sit on which was nice in the shade to chill and have a drink.

There were a few different restaurants they were –

  • Mexican (obviously)
  • Seafood
  • Asian
  • Italian
  • Buffett
  • BBQ
  • Pub (our fave!!)
  • Outdoor terrace

The food places were mainly sit down restaurants where you ordered like normal however because you’re all inclusive you don’t have to pay. We really loved the outdoor terrace for breakfast it was a buffett which was just off the beach so the view was beautiful, the waiters brought round fresh orange juice and it was amazing. For lunch we usually went to the BBQ the food was lovely big juicy burgers, fresh salad, just what you want on holiday. Dinner time we tried most of the restaurants but we kept going back to the pub as it had the most variety and the biggest portions, when we went to the Italian we ordered ravioli and we had 4 pieces very small portions which we heard others complain about, even though there wasn’t a limit on how much you could order. They did advise you to book them but we would turn up and usually be seated within 20 minutes so there wasn’t much waiting around.

A few times we went to Playa De Carmen which was the town it had lovely shops and restaurants, and the beach there had beautiful white sands and the sea was lovely. One of my favourite days was Xcaret! You got to swim through caves, snorkle, bathe in natural pools, see different animals it was amazing and you got a full 12 hours there, I wouldn’t hesitate to go it is a definite must. We also went to Tulum where the Mayan ruins were, this day was so hot and we went early so I really would recommend either early morning or late afternoon as the que was huge as we left at lunchtime at the heat was unbearable we were searching for shade.

Overall we did have a wonderful time in Mexico and I dont want to end this post on a downer however I will always be honest with you. The hotel was an adult only hotel and we did expect it to be amazing however the Jacuzzi tiles were all falling off, there was a lot of building work and rubbish thrown on the sides of the paths which made the place look untidy. Also there was a whole different section of the hotel which we had access too that we hadn’t been told about which we found on the last day , it had a Starbucks and a infinity pool, a bar, such a shame we never knew about it. Also some of the people I went with got food poisoning as the chicken was raw and you couldn’t tell as most of the meats were smothered in a sauce and we found out too late unfortunately and this made two people severely ill which ruined part of the holiday! Riviera Maya is nice but you cant go off the complex unless you get a local bus or a taxi the busses are a lot cheaper so would recommend getting them however you do have to run across the main roads so be careful.

We do really want to go back to Mexico but we want to go to Cancun and see that part and discover more, so please don’t let the last paragraph put you off Mexico or the hotel we stayed in unfortunately these things happen, we still had an amazing time.

Have you been to Mexico? Let me know!

Speak soon

Em xx


Turpins bar and grill 

Tonight Ciaran took me out for dinner at a lovely restaurant not too far from us called Turpins. It was such a lovely restaurant with a barn interior which made you feel relaxed and at ease. The food was a mixture however there was a lot of fresh fish which was delicious. The food and service here was absolutely impeccable and I would definitely go back. This is without a doubt one of my new favourite places to eat and it’s not pricey too, bonus!! 

The Body Shop 

Have you used The Body Shop Pina Colada collection? Oh my god it’s smells absolutely gorgeous!! I’m definitely a fan, my grandma treated me to some more of the Sorbet. The sorbet is like a moisturiser however it has a thicker consistency and is more like a gel than a cream which I prefer, however if you prefer a cream that soaks into the skin quickly this might not be for you as it can last on the skin a little bit longer, but personally I don’t mind that. 

Also I have heard that this is great for when you are abroad as it helps to keep the mosquitos away and you won’t get bitten so i’ll definitely be trying that out next time I go away, as usually the scents from repellents aren’t that great however smelling like a cocktail is so much better! 

I have used the scrub and the shower gel too and I just love the whole collection and hope they continue to sell it! My grandma also brought some lip balms sticks and gave me two to try out as I get sore and cracked lips a lot so I hope that works! 

What’s your favourite body shop collection?

Speak soon

Em xx