The name of this mascara is either why you want to try it, or like me you’ve watched so many youtube videos and it keeps popping up so I had to give it a go too. The packaging is a pearly pink with embossed writing. This Mascara is £19.

The applicator on this mascara is very full, it doesn’t have the individual bristles to catch each eyelash. The brush also holds a lot of product which I think can make your lashes look clumpy if your not careful when applying, I think this is because when you take the img_7227applicator out there isn’t a pop noise like some mascaras I have used which usually squeezes off some product. Too Faced say  that after three coats ‘you will believe in magic’. Three coats before my lashes look the best they can when using this mascara? I have used mascaras which have impressed me on the first application, I do agree you need more coats on your lashes to make them look like they stand out.

I do like the look I get when using this mascara I think your eyelashes look fuller and slightly longer however I dont think it makes your eyes stand out as much as my previous favourite Benefit Roller Lash.

Whats your best recommendations for me?

Speak soon

Em xx




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