The best day in London!

So back in September it was my 21st birthday, Me and Ciaran went to London for the day and we had so much fun. We got the train early morning it only took us 1hr20 so we literally had the whole day there.

Firstly we went to Oxford Street had a look around the Primark there was HUGE! every girls dream but I didnt want to shop I wanted to sightsee all day so we went to find harrods. I had never been to harrods before and I just wanted to say I’ve been, it was nice to have a walk round and not everything in there is expensive, it is a really big store and can be a bit confusing while walking around.

We then on the tube to find the the London Eye, we had always wanted to go on it so when we got the chance we were so excited! It was one of the best experiences of my life the views were absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to be doing all of this alongside my best friend. It took us about 40 mins to go round and we did it just in time as when we got off it poured it down with rain and went dark and cloudy.

We decided to walk to Buckingham Palace and on the way we walked past Big Ben and were lucky enough to hear it chime. When we got to the Palace there wasnt many people around which was nice as we could go right up to the gates.  One of my favourite places in London is Covent Garden, the shops are lovely and there are so many lovely places to eat, we went to a gorgeous steak house the food was amazing.

I really love London and we had such an amazing day together, our feet were killing by the time we got back on the train to go home, but it was one of the best days ever.



Have you been to London? Wheres your favourite place?

Speak soon

Em xx


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