The Fig and Olive

Hi everyone!

Near where I live there is a lovely little restaurant inside a garden centre called The Fig and Olive, the decor is beautiful and the food is great, they do afternoon tea which my mom did for my 21st birthday, which was absolutely gorgeous and beautifully lay out, we are planning on going there next week to do it again.

However last week on the way back home my mom asked if I wanted to go for lunch as we were just nearby The Fig and Olive so we decided to go. When we arrived it was just before lunchtime about 11:30 so we got the choice of ordering breakfast or having lunch, we decided to have a coffee and wait for lunch.

When I came for afternoon tea the salmon and cream cheese sandwiches were amazing and on the lunch menu they had a salmon and cream cheese bagel so for me it was a definite must thats what I was going to have, along with a sharing platter which I had with my mom. The food was really fresh and tasted great and I would really recommend this to anyone nearby, the staff are great, the food is fresh, and it is reasonably priced toobonus!

Have you ever been? let me know!

Speak soon

Em x




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