Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

Hi Guys!

I love wearing make up don’t get my wrong but I hate itwhen its late and you know you need to take your make up off but you really cant be arsed and you know you shouldn’t reach for them make up wipes that are so terrible for your skin but they’re so easy and every lazy girls dream right?

Recently I brought the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover and oh my god its lovely! You just pop a few sprays onto a cotton pad and your make up (pardon the pun) literally melts of your skin. The consistency of this product does feel very oily on the skin and can leave your skin feeling greasy so if this is something you don’t like I personally wouldn’t recommend this product. This remover takes off any stubborn make up and removes eye make up too which I always find some products don’t quite get all your mascara off and you end up looking like a panda!

Although I am really enjoying this product I don’t feel that all my makeup is removed after using it, so I like to wash my face with something else just to be sure. This product is great for the times you don’t have time to do a full evening routine and just need a quick and easy way to remove your make up.

Whats your favourite makeup remover?

Speak soon

Em x





Lush bath bombs

Who doesn’t love Lush bath bombs?!

When I am in the mood to have a nice soak in the bath I cant wait to choose my bath bomb. I love Lush bath bombs even though they can be pricey they are worth it they leave you feeling so relaxed and clean, your skin feels super soft and the bathroom smells amazing!!

I used this bath bomb the other night I think its called shoot for the stars? I may be wrong as it came in a Christmas gift box. The colours were beautiful and very relaxing and the smell was gorgeous not too sweet which I think goes with the Christmas smells.

My top bath bombs are:

  • Luxury Lush Pud
  • Twilight
  • The comforter
  • Candy mountain
  • Snow fairy wand

I love the luxury lush pud and twilight as they aren’t too sweet, the lush pud is christmassy and smells like cinnamon, and twilight is musky and strong scented, where as the comforter, candy mountain and snow fairy wand are very sweet but I love them just as much!

What are your favourites?

Em x